The Medlock Park area emerged from farmed land; as of the 1940’s, the area was mostly open fields. Traces of that history remain, particularly illustrated by the Steele-Cobb House, originally built in 1855. Suburban home tracks were developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s in response to post-war housing booms. Older homes are typically smaller and follow the american mall house style, with later construction reflecting the ranch style that is so prevalent in our state.

Following the 2008 market crash, redevelopment of nearby shopping areas such as Suburban Plaza and North DeKalb Mall (both originally built in the 1960’s) came to a full stop. The approval of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)’s Medline LCI Study in 2013 sends a strong signal that the area holds great potential due to its proximity to employment and commercial centers and diverse population. Additionally, our neighborhood is part of the Toco Hills Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC), an Atlanta Regional Commission designation by the ARC that reflects a lifelong community area rich with individuals who have chosen to age in place.

In recent years, many young families have moved into our neighborhood, reflecting the growing demand for walkable, convenient, affordable, and dare we say, easier-to-maintain smaller homes. Renewed interest in mid-century ranch architecture also makes Medlock Park an attractive destination.