5 Reasons to get a Survey

1-if there is an error on the old survey, your buyer will have no recourse against the surveyor that made the mistake. After closing, it is also very tough to go after the seller for any mistakes on the survey.

2-FEMA is always updating the flood map boundaries. This means flood plain information on the last survey (if any) is possibly outdated/incorrect.

3-changes may have been made to the property, or the surrounding properties, in the past few years, that aren’t shown on the survey (fences, additions, etc)

4-A new survey, in your buyer’s name, can be added to the owner’s policy of title insurance. An old survey cannot.

5-Water buffers are continuing to evolve, and more municipalities are adding them. Only a new survey will have the most up-to-date on water buffers (which can have a great effect if your buyer is thinking about any structural additions in the future)

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